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Your extension journey starts right now. The next step will be to book a free consultation which can easily be done on the book online page.

At your consultation we will discuss your hair goals, desired length and thickness and maintenance and cost of hair /maintenance. We will color match your hair or choose a suitable color. Sometimes the extensions need to be colored to create the perfect blend.  This will be handled at your extension install and will be included in the price of install. At this time we will cover all of your questions and concerns regarding wearing extensions.

If at this point you are ready to move forward I will take a deposit of the price of the hair. Once the hair has arrived I will call you to schedule your install, Yay!

Install appointments are typically 2 hours or more depending on if we need to color for a perfect blend or amount of hair we have planned for. Your first installation will include a trim or shaping to ensure the perfect blend of your natural hair with your new hair.

As your hair grows out your extensions will need to be moved up, typically every 5-10 weeks depending on what extensions method.

Your investment in extensions will be broken up into two parts, the hair purchase and the service to install.

The hair you have purchased, if cared for correctly, will last you on average about a year. Your extensions are 100% real human hair and are prone to heat damage and split ends just like your natural hair. Caring for your hair is as easy as caring for your own hair, using moisturizing conditioners, heat protection and limiting prolonged heat from hot tools will ensure the longevity of your extensions. 

PS All new extensions clients must book a extensions consultation first and all existing extensions clients must call or email me to book an appointment. Because all extension clients take different amounts of time.  I am unable to give a quote over the phone because each extension client is customized for their desired look.


Are you interested in volume, length or both?

I offer three different methods Tape-in Extensions and Hand-tied Extensions and Fusion Extensions

  • 100% Remy human hair

  • Most natural

  • Most comfortable

  • Most affordable

  • Add more length

  • Add thickness

  • Add a different color

  • Undetectable

  • Securely stay in place

Introducing The Band by Hotheads Hair Extension

You can wear the Band from Hotheads daily or just for special occasion, It is so easy, I'll teach you how to put it in,

"The only one who should know you are wearing extensions is you and your hairstylist"

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